I knew I had to file for social security disability before my time ran out since I hadnt worked since 2014. This is really going to help us out. Ranked #114 of 841 Restaurants in Rennes. I cant thank them enough, so contact them. It was so helpful to have Mary step in and get the documentation that should have been readily offered. I went from 30% to 100%. Hill and Ponton was the best decision Ive ever made, hands down. We proudly recommend your services to all in our COI. Good enough was not/is not good enough! Carol and her staff made a lengthy and difficult process as easy for me as they could and I deeply appreciate their help. Some doctors seemed reluctant to give up the information that your firm needed. I applied for disability with the VA in 2009 and was denied. If only I had listened to my wife 20 plus years ago. These books are tremendous at mapping out the process and breaking down criterium for disabilities, while not losing the reader in VA jargon. Thank you and may God bless you all. Thank you again for your professionalism mixed with such caring for the veterans and families you work so hard for. Thanks, attorney Melanie Williams for getting me 100% total and permanent disability with the VA. You guys are beyond compare. She returns every phone calls and emails promptly. Hill and Ponton are fortunate to have an attorney of the caliber of Leslie Gaines. Where were you 42 years ago when I needed you? Phoenix, AZ: One Renaissance Tower, Two North Center Avenue, 18th & 19th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85004 My second one, dealing with Ischemic heart disease and a new pacemaker (my second) I cant remember if I saw on your website or elsewhere where that the VA bottom line for Injection Fraction rate is 50. I was in the Marine Corps from Jan 1965 Aug 1971, as an O311 with tours in Vietnam and wounded three times. I promise these words are not enough to offer the praise that I have for this man, and great attorney. They are NUMBER ONE in my book. Local News? Id like to thank you & the staff of hill & ponton for helping me win my disability case. I am so thankful to hill and Ponton for helping me win my VA appeal for DIC . Ranked #208 of 838 Restaurants in Rennes. I pray to God for his blessings. I know that my husband got his 100% because of the wonderful persistence of Carol and all she did and for her big and wonderful loving heart for these forgotten veterans. I ended that attorney relationship approximately twelve years later. She is truly a special lady and has been of great emotional support to me and I want you to know how much that means to me. Again, Thank You Sara! They take 20% of whatever back pay they get you, which in this case would be 20% of $0. Clin. They knew exactly how to format and submit the claim. Im very happy. I now have a 100% disability rating. The threat was enough to immobilize my parents into doing nothing based on fear. The case-file copy that you sent me is impressive and exhibits the amount of work and effort that went into those documents! She was understanding and supportive and after a series of questions, she scheduled an office appointment. From the first interaction with Hill & Ponton, I knew that everything that legally could be done would be brought to bare on my claim. Diplomate National Board of Physicians & Surgeons, Vol. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we are writing about a superb attorney, Leslie Gaines. They helped me win my appeal and handled everything in a courteous and professional way! They said that colon cancer was not associated with agent orange. This firm is 1) knowledgeable 2) courteous 3) and spot on for getting things done. Six years ago,I was complainingaboutthe Veterans Administration turning me down. All our questions were answered promptly as well as getting medical records and correspondence back and forth. I fractured my cervical spine (C7) in a car accident while on active duty and only received 40% in 2008. I have been very pleased with Hill and Ponton. Like I told Miss Ponton, you treated me with respect. I was very impressed with Mr. Matthew Hill of Hill and Ponton, P.A. They tried a contract that was one sided (did not give me the option to fire them.) Where we were fighting so hard to get the VA to listen and see that my husband was badly disabled and that it was causing huge damage to our lives, Carol Ponton was able to do what we couldnt by ourselves. Contact Us The VA uses a system called the Veterans Affairs Schedule for Rating Disability (VASRD) when assigning a . Hill & Pontil is only taking cases for people that are unemployed or homeless or something. It was less than 6 months that they got it done for me, so I really want to thank Mrs. Sara Hill and her team, Melanie, Dee, Danielle, and all the staff that kept contacting me and keeping me hopeful during this process. Established in 1986 UPDATE YOUR PROFILE Find a Lawyer Chat Now Overview Reviews Location Areas of Law Social Security Disability Veterans Benefits Write a Client Review Firm Reviews Client (38) Peer (0) 4.8 /5.0 38 reviews I found him to be knowledgeable and very aggressive with Veterans disability laws and rights. My first claim was for a heart stint. Eighteen months later i was awarded my service connected disability (100%) with retro-active payments. As my fathers condition deteriorated, his need for assistance from the VA intensified. You made the sign up and questions and answer process be extremely painless. Please call for an appointment before visiting: Mail Processing Center: P.O. I applaud his due diligence and commitment to the veterans he represents. I recommend this firm to satisfy your disability claim. After about four months after filing it, she received a notice that the VA was approving my appeal at the 100% level, retroactive to my initial claim filing date. Carol and her staff know who to contact to work on your behalf! I filed for a higher rating on my own a few times and was denied again and again. I first called your office in February 2009 and spoke with Michelle. I can not thank you enough for the hard work and heart that you have put into my case. He believed in me and my case. Box 449, Deland, FL 32721, Orlando, FL: 605 E. Robinson Street Suite 635, Orlando, FL 32801 There I was with recently diagnosed with combat connected PTSD, looking at the diagnosis of Bladder Cancer and facing a series of back surgeries that will leave me a cripple for the next 3 years. The firm was eventually able to get me 100% disability which was a major relief for my family and me. Hill & Pontin is the only Attorney I will ever use as the services provided have been of excellent standards and follow-up. The bar association? Sara Hill and her colleagues are very well educated and knowledgeable when dealing with the VA. Carol has listen to me cry and offered comfort and reassurance, yet never judged or told me I was crazy! Amanda, Two weeks later I looked on the internet for a Veterans Attorney and came across Hill& Ponton. Bonuses and other incentives. I would like to recommend Hill and Ponton Attorneys at Law to you for council for any litigations that may occur. Your website was very helpful and informative, I even made it a favorite on my PC. 39 photos. This is just a little thank you for what you have done for me and I really cant put it in words how Im feeling about the assistance I received. I was rated 50%, Hill & Ponton werent done, they found other medical that related to exposure and submitted additional claims. You were so kind every time I talked to you. The manner in which I was treated by Hill and Ponton was very caring and respectful. Orlando, Florida, United States. Thank you for being my attorney-but any one of choices I could have made could have ended up being my Legal attorney-mostly I want to thank you for your guidance, for your understanding, your interest in me, your belief that I was worth being your client when many other legal firms rejected my case because of unbelief of what happened to me in the Arm Forces. Hope all you veterans read this. yet assertive representation for our clients. What a Godsend Ms. Hill is! After the hearing, she told me she felt good about it and that made me feel good about it. She is never too busy to talk with you, answer your call or reply to your email. Thank you so much for all you do. Compensated when deserved. section 804: Federal Cause of Action Relating to Water at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina Our team at Hill and Ponton are here to help Veterans and their families. I ama veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division. Every interaction with the Hill & Ponton staff was structured, had a clearly defined goal and reassured me that they were doing their best for me. Again, please accept my deepest thanks for all your help and kind words. She looked over my documents and familiarized herself with my case. 0:00 Intro 3:00 Live Session with Attorneys Matt Hill and Carol Ponton For a FREE Case Evaluation go. I had filed a claim for my back injury in 1970 and got a 10% rating. He helped me with my case. I am very pleased to say that under the representation of the law firm Hill and Ponton I was able to secure my disability claim. Attorney Mark was very patient and helpful in walking me through the entire interviewprocess. Thank you Hill and Ponton! I just wanted to take this time to thank you and your whole team in regards to my husbands SSD case. They are the best lawyers for VA and Social security processes in the United States. I am grateful and thank God I had outstanding representation. He was a Vietnam veteran. I trusted Matt with one of lifes major issues and he was there for me. I highly recommend this firm to any veteran that feels like they have been treated unjustly by the VA system. And the eight years they refused me on the claim after he passed. Your contacting of Hill and Ponton, PA is not a guarantee that the firm will assist with your claim. Prior to contacting your firm I doubted if I would ever receive a positive resolution during my lifetime. From start to finish everyone that I spoke with where very professional and made me feel that my case was very important to them. My husband and I wish to thank you and your staff very sincerely for working so hard to get this for me. The doctor that was giving me the exam made a first statement that he didnt believe he could do much for me with just a pacemaker. For example, Regulation A states this, and Regulation B states that etc. The kindness is yet another pleasant surprise we have experienced while working with him! Your firm was amazing. They specialize in disability compensation and after over 5 yrs of dealing with the VA, Hill and Ponton got the VA to respond in 6 months. I was severely injured in the U.S. Navy to the point that I was incapable of ordinary function. I tried another VSO service which was a total rip off. Win or lose we appreciate you help. It was so nice to get the good news via your e-mail. They will go out of their way to assist you in your compensation issues. I have traveled the world and dealt with my people/organizations, Mary and Shelly are by far the most dedicated and professional individuals I have encountered. They were there for me every step of the way. She reviewed with me, in general, how she would proceed with the case, which made perfect sense. The law firm of Hill and Ponton and their team of professionals handled my Social Security disability claim. I would highly recommend hill & ponton to anyone. DONT MISS OUT! My Veterans are constantly asking when more books are coming so they can pass out to other Vets they are trying to assist. Hill and Ponton is excellent! I came to your office and found that Michelle was assigned as my case manager. After I got out things were hard for me when it came to education and employment experiences. After several denials of my VA claims on my own, I decided to reach out to Hill and Ponton. If she turns you down now that doesnt mean your not disabled, it just means that she doesnt have enough evidence YET, to help! I also appreciate the work you are continuing to do to settle other outstanding issues. Two days later Hill & Ponton agreed to take on my case. Paralegal, Kimberly Croussore, was extremely patient, professional, and promptly answered all my questions and concerns during the long wait for a hearing. I am sure that you probably get these letters to thank you for the help you have given to other Veterans, but I believe that it can never get old to Thank people for their service as well. However, it never ceases to amaze whenever I think of all you get accomplished in the middle of numerous phone calls, emails, voice messages, appointments, schedules, timelines, and meetings that you have every day.

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