18:34 GMT 11 Aug 2021 Disturbing online photos leave family of backpacker Hannah Witheridge disgusted By Sophie Goddard 9 Oct 2014 Rex Features Last month, the tragic revelation that backpackers Hannah. Their sentences have been reviewed to commemorate King Vajiralongkorn's birthday and to show his "clemency". Hannah Witheridge, 23, from Norfolk and David Miller, 24, of Jersey were bludgeoned to death with a wooden hoe as they walked back to their hotel room late at night. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha David and 23-year-old Hannah Witheridge were found bludgeoned to death on a beach on the Thai island of Koh Tao after they had been drinking in a bar. Lin and Phyo initially confessed to the killings but then retracted their statements saying they were tortured. 2023 BBC. Yep and the fact that he straight up fucked off out the country for fear of persecution from locals. Post-mortems found that Hannah had died from head wounds, while engineering student Mr Miller suffered severe blows to his head and drowned. A summary of the appeal by the 'Koh Tao Two' against conviction and the death sentence for the murders of British tourists Hannah Witheridge and David Miller appears to totally demolish a sloppy prosecution case in the controversial trial in Thailand. She died at Southampton General Hospital on September 16, 2019 - five years after her sister Hannah Witheridge, then 23, was found beaten to death on a Thailand beach. On a human level, it's understandable why they would have these feelings considering the grief and emotional pain they've gone through, but at the same time, judges, juries, and prisons exist for a reason. Hannah Witheridge and David Miller have been named as the two tourists who chopped up by a hoe in Thailand. However, their supporters had claimed the pair had been framed and the evidence mishandled. The murders on Koh Tao, a laid-back haven for divers, sullied Thailand's image in the tourism industry, which accounts for about 10 per cent of the country's economy. The two men were convicted and sentenced in 2015 and the verdict was upheld by an appeals court in 2017 and the Supreme Court in August 2019, but their sentences were changed to life in prison on Friday thanks to a royal decree. Beware. David Miller, 24, and Hannah Witheridge, 23, didn't know each other before they met on holiday in Thailand in September. It only emerged in recent days that Witheridge, a speech therapy student from England, was brutally raped before her death. Grief: Relatives of David Miller and Hanna Witheridge hug . "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. What science tells us about the afterlife. Witheridge and Miller are the two British tourists who were found dead after being chopped up on a Thailand beach. A lot of the pictures were actually by some cleaners before the police even came. Defense lawyers argued that DNA from a garden hoe allegedly used as a murder weapon did not match samples taken from the men. Most of tourists are coming here for diving or to admire our nature not to party, Arnuparp said, adding new zoning curbs would likely control all-night bars and clubs. Cuando Boyne Annesley busca al ltimo hombre que vio a su hija con vida, cree que ella estaba indagando sobre los asesinatos de Hannah Witheridge y David Miller en la playa Sairee en 2014. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. Grieving: Hannah Witheridge's family at the headquarters of the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok last year.Credit:Reuters. Two Burmese workers were sentenced to death in 2015,. However, no toxicology report was conducted. Davids not that bad, but my god what they did to Hannah. THANK YOU. It would be "a place where Dave's spirit and love of life may be with you". HARROWING photos of the corpses of English backpackers Hannah Witheridge and David Miller have surfaced online, traumatising their families. Hannah Witheridge and David Miller were killed in 2014 By Stephanie Cockroft 15 August 2020 A pair of migrant workers convicted of murdering two young British tourists on a Thai holiday island. A royal decree said the sentences had been reviewed to commemorate King Vajiralongkorn's birthday on 28 July and to "illustrate the king's clemency". Critics, particularly those from the British media, have accused Thai authorities of bungling the investigation in the three weeks since the murders by chasing the wrong leads and failing to lock down the island in the hours following the killing. That's not how being suicidal works! Prosecutors have claimed the men are linked to the killings by DNA evidence collected from cigarette butts, a condom and the bodies of the victims. During the re-enactment, the two men wore flak jackets and motorcycle helmets as protection against angry residents, who fear the crime will damage tourism to the remote island. Hannah Witheridge pictured on Facebook back in September 2013. The bodies of 23-year-old Hannah Witheridge and 24-year-old David Miller were found on a beach in Koh Tao in September 2014. These two kindred spirits meet for the first time on the . A bloodstained garden hoe, which is thought to be the murder weapon, was discovered nearby, AFP reported. Thai police believe that Hannah may have turned down the advances of a local man after reports emerged that the pair were seen arguing with an alleged gangster in a bar. The final photo of the pair looking happy and carefree, the couple appear to be with a large group of friends, enjoying their evening with drinks at a bar called Choppers. 'Hannah was gripping blond hair before she died' - claim (but perhaps not as dramatic as it sounds) Murder victim David Miller likely struggled with his attacker in the sea off the Thai holiday island of Koh Tao before being hacked to death. Doubts about the case against the migrants - and the underlying mystery of who killed the tourists - have only deepened since the trial began in early July. Autopsies showed that Witheridge died from head wounds while Miller suffered severe blows to the head and drowned in the surf. The men said they didn't use a condom, even though police insisted they had. Sometime deep into the night, the friends wandered off, perhaps headed back to their bungalow resort nearby. Bystanders, including a TV reporter, were roped in to play the parts of the victims. She also preyed upon the families of the victims to suit her narrative. DNA tests on a cigarette butt found at the scene have now cleared the former. He said the plan would be rolled out soon on popular resort islands such as Koh Tao and Koh Phangan and also the tourist beach area of Pattaya. On Sept. 15, one of the occupants of that same room A5, Hannah Witheridge, was found bludgeoned to death in their midst alongside fellow British tourist David Miller, just a short stumble. They added: "Along with her bubbly and exciting personality Hannah was extremely intelligent and, after earning a degree with first-class honours from the University of East Anglia, was working towards a masters degree in speech and language therapy in Essex. My bets are that it was someone belonging to the Thai mafia. 'No one knows' what caused the death of Laura Daniels, 30, of Norfolk, despite extensive investigations, her family was told at a hearing in Winchester, Hampshire on Wednesday. Hannah Witheridge and David Miller are perfect strangers who hail from coastal towns in the UK. The biggest giveaway that that book isnt going to be up to much is that the front cover is Koh Nang Yuan, which is a different island to Koh Tao altogether. Last month, the translators, who were used to obtain the now retracted confessions, admitted in court that they were roti (pancake) vendors who barely understood Thai and spoke little Burmese, the Myanmar Times reported. Hannah Witheridge & David Miller: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Copyright 2023 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Great episode but a tragic tale! TWO men found guilty of murdering a pair of British backpackers in Thailand will be executed after their appeals were thrown out by the courts today. Beach cleaners discovered the Britons naked bodies 20 m apart by rocks on idyllic Sairee Beach on Sept. 15. OP!-----Get Free Roblox VIP Servers - https://bit. It is still unclear what prompted the killings. He described the impact the tragic murder of Miss Witheridge had on the family, and how Mrs Daniels 'spearheaded the fight for justice for her sister'. Koh Tao is actually pronounced 'kaw? What's the least amount of exercise we can get away with? Although there were signs of sexual activity, investigators have not ascertained whether Witheridge was raped. A rusty hoe, its blade broken and caked in gore, lay nearby. "They said they didn't do it, that the Thai police beat them until they confessed to something they didn't do. Seriously though, all I can hear is kachow. If you would like to rate cases 1-199, please do so at this Casefile Ratings Form (1-199). The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Credit:Reuters. David Miller was her handsome friend from the Channel Islands. La Polica tailandesa detuvo a dos birmanos por el doble asesinato. Thai National police today charged two Myanmar men with murder and rape after they confessed to killing the pair, with AFP reporting their DNA matched traces at the crime scene on Koh Tao island. But the trial recently heard that a garden hoe alleged to have been used in the killings carried the DNA of two men, but there was no trace of either defendant. Our hearts are broken, our lives shattered again, the statement said. . Con Jovelle Balani, Byron Charnonneau, Alexandra Chubaty Boychuk, Daniel Cifuentes. David Miller is from the island of Jersey in the English channel between the United Kingdom and France. Mrs Daniels went on to qualify as a paediatric nurse and the pair were married in 2018. He knew enough to pronounce the initial 'v' in the common English spelling of his name (Vajiralongkorn) as a 'w', but then he pronounced the 'j' as a Spanish 'h' (it's actually 'ch'). 2 min read. Our hearts go out to the Witheridge family who are also coming to terms with the sudden trauma of the equally senseless ending of their Hannahs life, Mr Millers family said in a statement earlier this week. They are both eligible under a section of the royal clemency decree to have their death sentences reduced to life in prison, Nakhon said. Burmese bar workers Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Tun were found guilty of murder in 2015. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link: thesun.co.uk/editorial-complaints/, The bodies of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller were found on Koh Tao, Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo - seen at court today - now face execution, Supporters of the pair have always maintained their innocence, Tourists take pictures on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand, The pair were forced to do a re-enactment of the murders after confessing, Ms Witheridge, 23, had been raped and bludgeoned to death, The Brits were killed as they walked back to their hotel, Forensics team search for clues after the shocking murders in 2014, Murderers of Brit backpackers Hannah Witheridge and David Miller to be EXECUTED after losing last-ditch appeal in Thai court, Putin's thugs close in on ravaged Ukrainian city with thousands fleeing as intense fighting rages, Partygate buster Sue Gray's son 'boasting about mum on campaign trail as he tries to unseat Boris Johnson', Suella Braverman vows to stop the boats with new law to crack down on migrants using human rights laws to stay in UK, Runaway mum Constance Marten was 'groomed' by evil Nigerian sect leader, Man 'naked and covered in blood' arrested before mum found 'murdered' at home as neighbours reveal hearing screams, Rishi Sunaks new bill to end the Channel migrant crisis is crucial for the Tories, Leicester 'explosion': Listen to massive 'sonic' boom that shook homes and rattled windows. In a statement they said a memorial was planned near Plemont Bay on the north coast of Jersey later this month. Mr Miller's are planning a memorial bench. A baby girl has died in tragic circumstances on a family holiday, after ingesting drugs her parents believe were left out in an Airbnb. Good episode, but infuriating for the same reasons as many others. I mean, I do understand why they provide what the relatives say about the victims because it is kind of important to know what they think, but it would certainly be good to have a disclaimer at the beginning of episodes sometimes to remind listeners that any opinions and sentiments expressed by the people involved in the case do not reflect the opinions and sentiments of the podcast. The two workers from Myanmar, wearing helmets and handcuffs, during a re-enactment of the alleged crime. Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo - also known as Win Zaw Htun - were found guilty of the rape and murder of Hannah Witheridge, 23, and the murder of David Miller, 24, on December 24, 2015. According to the BBC, staff from the British embassy left for Koh Tao soon after the news broke of the murders. Finally, police appeared to have found their footing when they arrested two 22-year-old migrants from Myanmar who, police claimed, had confessed to the crimes. We have to look into the behavior of the other party [Witheridge and Miller] too, he said. In a statement, Miss Witheridge's family said their daughter had been "taken from us in the most horrific way possible" and learning of her death had been an "indescribably impossible time". CCTV footage shows the two leaving a bar together just hours before their battered bodies were discovered. Wa-hee-rah-long-gonenever heard anyone else pronounce it like that. Very strange. Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Tuns mothers appealed to the Koh Samui court in May 2016 over concerns about the verdicts, particularly the DNA evidence used in the investigation. Mrs. Daniels had been seriously ill, said the family statement confirming that she passed away on Sept. 16. Casey just wanted to come up with his own pronunciation of the Thai locations, but they're no more incorrect than the widely-accepted English mispronunciations of the places. They both decide to take a backpacking trip to Thailand before pursuing Master's Degrees in their respective fields. Hannah Witheridge, from Hemsby, and David Miller, from Jersey, were found dead last September, David Miller's family released a new photograph of their son one year after his death in Thailand, Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin deny the murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller, Harry: I always felt different to rest of family, Chris Rock talks Oscars slap in live Netflix show, Everything Everywhere wins big ahead of Oscars, PM to end asylum claims from small boat arrivals, Mbappe breaks PSG goal record in win over Nantes, Street fighting in Bakhmut but Russia not in control, US-made cheese can be called 'gruyere' - court. Hannah Witheridge was a college student at the University of Essex and lived there, according to her Facebook page. 18:37 GMT 11 Aug 2021. Doesn't seem like the killers would have left that behind. Exact date yellow weather warning for snow and ice forecast to hit UK - will you be affected?

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