One of eight uniformed services, the USPHSCommissioned Corps is the nations preeminent public health asset called upon to solve public health challenges and address emergent public health needs throughout the United States and globally. - Lead inspector f/31 food/public facilities; evaluated 124 criteria--secured installation sanitation/safety f/500K patrons - Conceived Enterprise wide solution; OHED/COHER equality; Exam/Exposure pairing--Surveillance 100% accurate Accessibility Statement 2023 Bonus & Incentive Pays for Non-Physician Medical Officers, Opt Out or Pay: All Troops to Automatically Get Life Insurance March 1, Better Housing, Health Care, Pay and a Call for National Service Needed to Buoy Recruitment, Enlisted Chiefs Say, All Combat-Injured Vets Would Keep Their Full Retirement, Disability Pay Under Proposal, Hawaii Congressional Delegation Asks IRS to Exempt Red Hill Families, DoD Still Hasn't Released a Form Needed for Retirees One-Time Chance to Change SBP, Veterans' Emergency Room Bills Could Get Repaid by VA Thanks to Change, Army Urges Soldiers to Check Their Records in New HR System After String of Glitches. The appearance of hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by the Department of Defense of non-U.S. Government sites or the information, products, or services contained therein. Related Article CIA Special Activities Division (SAD): 12 Things You Never Knew. High school diploma, GED with 15 college credits, or GED. Overall, people are satisfied with entering this position. The Defense Health Agency held a Black History Month event, themed Inspiring Change, on Feb. 15. Most of the reasoning for people not to recommend Public Health positions are related to general Air Force aspects, not the specific Public Health position. - Reviewed 1.9K newcomer/DLC records; validated asgmt quals; wg 86% deployable--crushed AF std by 6% This dramatically cuts down wait times and gets Airmen out the door faster. - Teamed w/local health department; inspected 33 LAFB '10 AirFest booths; guaranteed 9K visitors food safety - Monitored 189 sanitation inspections; trained 37 food service mbrs--guarded $26M food supply/31K patrons I have a bs in biology 3.2 gpa and an MSPH in Public Health 3.78 gpa with research experience with both degrees. They also conduct surveillance for occupational injuries and illness to detect and prevent workers from being harmed. 402-559-4000|Contact Us, 2021 University of Nebraska Medical Center, University Computer Use Policy Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or masters degree in public health (MPH/MSPH) plus a bachelors degree in a biological science. - Reviewed 739 med records; verified 13K rqmts/disqual'd 8 Amn--enabled IMR ready force/saved AF $7.5K, - Screened 25 TB cases; coord'd doctor/lab visits/bridged 4 clinics--guaranteed 100% comp/protect'd 83K PAR - Drove flight Safety prgm; led 170 insps/taught 7 brfs/val'd safety checklists 58 item--prevented mishaps f/18 PH mbrs, - Drove food sfty prgm; led 19 insps/eval'd 933 items/id'd/corrected 28 discreps--saf'd 243K beneficiaries/$78M supply - Reviewed 1.8K CDC criteria f/318 MEHP mbrs; ID'd 35 due/overdue immunizations/labs--increased compliance 3% The Air Force is supportive of furthering your education. - Vital mbr for three deployex; provided med spt during '08 ORI"Best in AETC in the last 10 yrs"19 AF/CC, - Wg medical std's advisor for 9.7K AD; reviewed 11K profiles/fixed 1.5K errors--ID'd 900 disqualified mbrs, - Initial responder on GAANG COVID MST; refined infection control process--instrumental in service member safety The DOD has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in research to aid in the fight against global health threats. The Air Force provides free or low cost insurance to all recruits. - Gp liaison to Wg Re-Integration prgm; eval'd 1K Amn/8K rqmt's/coor'd "one-stop shop"--100% f/u care rcv'd View more newsletters on our Subscriptions page. To maintain our base readiness and to meet the Air Force mission requirements, it is vital for the base to use the Individual Medical Readiness System to ensure 95 percent of its Airmen are ready to deploy at any given time. - Marshalled Dplmnt Med newsletter; educated UDMs on critical discrepancies--eliminating 63 needles dplmnt deficits, - Mastered Speech crs; gained 3 crdt hrs/fortified prof knowledge/personal devlpmnt--3.7 GPA/CCAF rqmts complete! - Outstanding SNCO with superior operational knowledge; Opinions valued at all levels--Excels as ANG rep to HHQ This coverage is for comprehensive medical and dental and can be used at both military or civilian facilities. - Assisted in USA Veterinary Cmd site visit; id'd sanitary problemsprotected $5B in DoD food subsistence This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. If you've lost those important documents the internet can come to the rescue. Air Force Public Health specialist is responsible for the health and safety of all individuals who visit medical and food facilities. - Performed 24 vendor evals during base Open House; educated 100 foodhandlers--safeguarded 900+ attendees These individuals inspect, investigate, educate and prevent illnesses and diseases in the facilities they cover. View Full Site. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Clayton Wear), Senior Airman Hannah Swims, 30th Medical Group deployment health section lead, administers a hearing test Jan. 20, 2020, at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. To aid in a smoother process for members who are deploying, the Public Health has teamed up with other agencies within the 30th MDG to ensure appointment scheduling for deployment clearances can be accomplished without the wait times of scheduling a regular appointment. - Conducted 12 food facility evaluations; fixed critical items on the spotsafeguarded $35M in DoD subsistence - Enhanced wg deployment process; medically cleared 359 OIF/OEF deployerszero AFCENT reported errors - PH Power Outage team lead; inspected 21 facilities/salvaged $4.1k/condemned $1.5k of food--recognized by WG CC, - PH SME f/CDC GI outbreak; insp'd fac/id'd/investigated risks/ed'd PIC--mitigated threat f/158 children/81 CDC staff An official website of the United States government, Scott Reoccuring Events/Volunteer Opportunities, Hosted by Defense Media Activity -, By Airman 1st Class Shannon Moorehead, 375th Air Mobility wing. The 30th Medical Group Public Health Office at Vandenberg Air Force Base knows the importance of mission and deployment readiness all too well and has continued to ensure members are ready at a moments notice. * Medical Group Commanders or MilitaryTreatment Facility Chief Executive Officers, * Medical Group Administrators or MTF Chief Operating Officers, * Headquarters and MAJCOM Staff / Corporate Office Directors, * Health Plans Management / Patient Administration Officers, * Medical Information Management / Information Technology / Chief Information Officers, * Medical Logistics and Health Facilities Officers, * Resource Management and Personnel Management / Chief Financial Officers, Within these roles, we support the three interrelated missions of the Air Force, the Military Health System, and the Air Force Medical Service. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, signed into law on March 27, 2020 provides both the authority and funding for the establishment of the Ready Reserve Corps. To have a USPHS officer among our ranks is unique and an honor., Anderson added, We are in a national pandemic, the worst we've ever seen in modern history. Establishes and maintains liaison with other . During their vacation, airmen may use any open space on an Air Force aircraft to travel to their destinations. - Processed 3.6K vaccinations/2015 Influenza campaign; key support/21 day rollout--drove 90% 81 TRW compliance We have a responsibility to keep our forces medically ready and protected from all manner of global health threats, and this requires that we proactively engage these threats as comprehensively as possible. These Officers have responsibilities that cover all aspects of public health, from surveillance to health promotion to health administration and more. Air Force Public Health (4E0X1): Career Details. - Key mbr in 07 food vulnerability survey; evaluated/reported exposuresimproved wg anti-terrorism measures Public health officers may be paid a retention bonus in the amount of: Public health officerscan receive $5,000 annual incentive pay. Once you take the ASVAB you will complete Basic Training and then technical training at Wright Patterson AFB. How do we transform you from the civilian sector to a leader and an Officer in the Air Force? - Completed 100-hr/14 mod CDC trng/ attended week long DIS crse; Awd'd DIS Nat'l Cert--upgraded prev med skills Lastly, they will see us once they have returned from their deployment to ensure they do not require any medical health appointments before their rest and recovery.. keep the worlds #1 Air Force healthy and fit. air force public health officer deployment. I monitor the Deployment-Related Health Assessment Program for Vandenberg, which is designed to identify and address all health care needs related to deployment, as well as address deployment-related health concerns or conditions that may surface in the months before or the months and years after a member's deployment.. air force public health officer deployment; Posted on June 29, 2022; By . - Headed health assessments; led clinic ops f/2 techs/2K pat encounters, ID'd 3.7K med rqmts--achv'd 99.7% PHA rate - Appointed HCP Mgr; conducted 2K audiograms/ID'd 77 STS/PTS/coord'd f/u care--exceeded AF std by 3.4%/93.4%, - Assist'd "Point of Distribution" activation; interview'd 43 DCP pts/saf'd 7.5K wkrs--laud'd "flawless" by WIT The benefits range from housing assistance to tuition assistance. These efforts are critical to maximizing mission effectiveness and minimizing time lost to illness or injury. Whether you have specific questions about how to join the Air Force, are seeking more information or are ready to apply, were here to help. Public Health specialists will train medical staff on the proper techniques for avoiding the spreading illnesses. Conducts preventive medicine communicable disease control, occupational health, food safety, and disaster response programs. allego spac presentation lake placid skating rink air force public health officer deployment 29 Jun, 2022 in vanderbilt baseball recruiting class 2022 by - Organized annual food safety training class; trained 41 base food mgr--upheld sanitation std and averted illness, - Outstanding NCO; elevated readiness compliance 94 to 98.7%--base #1 rate in ACC-- definitely promote now! ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Public Health Officer Air Force salaries. - Orchestrated career day presentation; vol 5 hrs with 662 at-risk students--strengthened mil/community relation, - Org'd 18 visits to high risk industrial shops; trained 30 supervisors/100% concurrent--averted OSHA illness/injury f/1K - Organiz'd first Keesler PH/MSDH meeting; coordinat'd w/15 civ clinics--plann'd future PH resp/campaigns/ex You must have normal color vision, (as with most Air Force positions). Whether you have specific questions about how to join the Air Force, are seeking more information or are ready to apply, were here to help. A Public Health Officer Air Force in your area makes on average $101,725 per year, or $2,792 (3%) more than the national average annual salary of $98,933. * Potential for zero debt and better pay! - Instituted OH PI; revamp'd insp checklist/65 criteria/educ'd 200 work-center sups--rectified 2-8 mo MICT deficiencies You must meet the minimum general testing requirements for the Air Force. These investments have led to exciting breakthroughs in preventive medicine and vaccine research, with work underway to develop effective vaccines and other countermeasures to protect Service members, as well as citizens around the world, from deadly diseases like Ebola, malaria, dengue fever, and HIV. He was also one of the first enlisted members in the Air Force to experience working with near real time satellite imagery. - Stellar JBA pgms; 1.4K pers OH exam pgm at 99%--#2/80 AFBs; amazing 2K pers MEHP at 100%--#1 in AF Eligibility: Must be a U.S. citizen and commissioned by age 42. The current VA disability pay rates show compensation for veterans with a disability rating 10% or higher. Enter contributions below and click Send. - Oversaw UDM/CC trngs; ensured proper use of Dplmnt Med Clearance Module--65 prgm mgrs educated/0 shortfalls, - Perform'd BCT field hygiene/food safety assessments; 1.7K cadets/cadre--reduc'd GI/ILI appts 42% from previous yr United States Air Force. They also control all aspects of disease control and outbreak. To join the Air Force you must be at least 17 years old with parental consent, or 18 without. Its the job of Public Health specialists to protect our forces from a vast array of illness and disease by minimizing health risks within our community. From education to continued training, your Air Force path is here. Required fields are marked *. Main Menu - Scrutizined 42K BMT medical records; disqualified 450/assured AF standards; saved $2.7M in training costs, - Seized ldrship during NCOIC absence; aided 431 clearances/20 med board results--increased production 17% - Coord'd Air Show spt; led food sfty tng f/279 vols/11 insp tm mbrs--assessed 23 vendors/184 evals/sfgrd'd 20K visitors - Assisted Wg FVA; advised 17 facilities/323 criteria/ID'd 6 vulnerabilities--safegraurded $19.1M assets/11K base prsnl, - Astounding ldrsp skills; devoted professional & performed with excellent resultsbulls-eye on SSgt selection Their job is to protect airman from illness and diseases by educating individuals on safety procedures and investigating hazards. - Flt Property Custodian spt'd 24 prsnl w/ $38.6K eqpmt--IDMT trainer for 12 techs w/ 40 hrs of PH trng per yr

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