The primary is set for June 2022. With a campaign focused on affordability, District 9 City Council candidate Zena Mitchell has many of the same talking points as her competitors, but differs in one key aspect of her messaging - she's made the decision to avoid fundraising large amounts of money, leaning into her slogan "people over profits.". As alderwoman, I will work collaboratively with our police and fire departments to establish and maintain that trust. 3. "The first thing I will do is streamline the area planning process, ensuring that we expedite it so Park Hill neighbors have the right to decide the type of development in their community.". We as a community need to support and uplift the people who work daily toward keeping us safe. But more importantly, I have consistently coached and mentored youth in Harlem and beyond for the last 25 years, working with a number of schools and organizations, most recently through my nonprofit, CouncilHim Foundation. The council monitors the performance of city agencies (ex. It is also a collaborative approach that can bring forth needed safety measures for the City of Milwaukee. One of the biggest challenges facing the district is crime and violence. The Austin Monitors work is made possible by donations from the community. I will work with my colleagues and listen the residents to find the best solution possible. I am championing a public municipal banking system to provide direct low interest capital to minority owned and struggling small businesses in Harlem. The park offers great walking trails and you can even enjoy some golfing on the driving range. A complete list of donors is available here, and our code of ethics is explained here. 10 min read. I enjoy preparing my meals and by doing so my health has vastly improved, especially my A1C and Cholesterol numbers. I would add in support for small businesses, funding for local schools and raising the minimum wage to the livable wage of $23/hour all will help drive down crime, as were giving more opportunities to the people. I do the work. Yolanda Faye Williams - former city council assistant, repeat candidate; Terry Perkins - retired pastor, . Moving forward leaders must ensure that Harlem receives resources first, not last, to overcome the entrenched discrimination against minorities and the poor found in our current laws and policy. District 9 City Council candidates chat with the 'Monitor': Part I Monday, August 15, 2022 by Sean Saldaa Read Part II of the series here. PHOENIX Meet Kevin Robinson, Sam Stone: Phoenix City Council District 6 candidates Taylor Seely Arizona Republic View Comments 0:04 0:57 Phoenix voters in north-central Phoenix, Arcadia,. We are fully-local and cover the important issues and key decisions at the intersection between the local government and the community. I fought to keep the community informed, until I was terminated October 2022. Mayor Steve Adler, District 3 Council Member Pio Renteria, District 5 Council Member Ann Kitchen and District 9 Council Member Kathie Tovo have all hit their term limits. Even the things he supports ideologically arent above constant analysis and scrutiny. We must create a partnership between the City and AAA to provide Roadside Assistance at a lower cost for lower incomes and senior citizens. He called for stronger legislation against similar mailers and "dark money" in politics. Harlem is facing a housing crisis that requires the stewardship of a representative with real experience in land use and affordable housing. He said he will offer a welcome change to the long-held blue council seat as he fights to bring visibility to District 9 issues. Since the City of Milwaukee is facing a serious fiscal challenge, I would also like to create a team that specifically helps the Milwaukee Police Department go after grants that could help fund their department's budget shortfalls without burdening District 9 taxpayers. I grew up the daughter and eldest child of parents who struggled at times to make ends meet. And the way the states attacking all types of communities, from immigrants to womens access to health care to trans kids, I think we need to stand up for our values here in the most strategic way possible.. The city Board of Elections voted Tuesday to certify almost all of the returns in the June 22 primary elections, including the races for mayor, public advocate, and comptroller. For starters, I will pursue actual impactful policies instead of doing seemingly nothing for the past few decades. Those residents, Clark-Murray said, are paying their taxes without getting the bang for their buck. She also wanted to expand the amount of underground power lines to service the older neighborhoods susceptible to outages caused by anything from a hurricane to a downed tree limb. What will you do differently than the incumbent? Environment and Emergency Care- Immediately identify drivers needing Roadside Assistance. Danny Grabill, the only Republican in the race, said he felt something pierce [his] heart during a daily devotional last August and believed the Lord had called him to run for office. Through it all, my family and I leaned on neighbors who helped us out when they could. The current Council Member has had an honorable career in service to our community. The community meetings will be town-hall style and will provide updates and allow for residents and business owners to share their concerns and suggestions for improving our district. Currently, I do not have any endorsements. The pandemic has drastically changed my food preferences. And, I am making a real change in my community. Noyes Park on Good Hope Road is my favorite place to enjoy a day of sun, fun and relaxation. The church embodies what it means and what it feels like to be part of a thriving community. It is irresponsible to every person living in Harlem and New York City. Paula is currently is completing her second term on the Dallas City Council, serving as Chair of the Environmental and Sustainable Committee. Were seeing our lake levels drop lower and lower. Recently, I have expanded that involvement to include things such as participating in City Council hearings on legislation, providing testimony, and connecting with other leaders and legislators in Harlem and in other boroughs to understand how our neighborhoods are connected and how we can work together for a better NYC overall. Our district is made up of individuals, business owners, and leaders with passion and genuine care for their community. Since I am familiar with the needs and the concerns that impede the community, I can hit the ground running with strategies and solutions to alleviate some of the stressors that stifle the overall well-being and progress of the community. Currently, I am the Director of Operations at COVE Lounge. Those labs were the first of their kind in the country in 1996 and were the model used for the Department of Educations Technology Learning Center Grants. Instead of providing written answers to our questions, Alpheaus Marcus responded by directing us to his. I would like to accomplish strengthening the communities by forming block watches and encouraging neighbors to watch out for one another. Ive never done this before, he tells the Monitor, while thinking aloud about his campaign strategy leading up to the election. Also, I am encouraged by the effort of Mayor Cavalier Johnson and County Executive David Crowley to reach out and build a bridge of communication between Milwaukee and Madison. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. I would like to assist residents with obtaining their own businesses, as well as homeownership. One of many initiatives Ive created has been geared towards working with the youth, on ending reckless driving. I built six 20-station computer labs throughout the City of Milwaukee. I plan to use the power of the office to legislate, execute and influence ideas that advocate for everyone in Harlem and the City. I keep so many childhood memories in my heart from going to school and hanging out at Northridge, so it is my destiny to be a part of District 9's Great Comeback. Finally, the Biden Administration has recently awarded an $800,000 grant to Milwaukee County to address reckless driving. While most elected officials and institutions have not yet weighed in on this race, we expect to announce some exciting endorsements in the coming weeks. But that wasn't good enough for CdeBaca, who shot back quickly. Lastly, we must identify and no longer ignore streets whose designs are dangerous. He said doing so would be a continuation of the work he was already doing by trying to show others how to combat gentrification and by attempting to start a community garden in the block neighboring his church. Though every candidate at a PBS12 mayoral debate said they had not received donations from the company or related . I have not seen any other place like it. I am running for City Council to provide practical leadership and real opportunities to the village of Harlem. The Council is responsible for directing the flow of public funds and private investment through our city. Three of four City Council districts for 6-9 have contested . Early voting began Monday, May 24, 2021, and ended on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. The first thing to reduce reckless driving in Milwaukee would be to introduce, state statute 941.30. One issue he doesnt think is getting enough attention: the environmental concerns of water usage and scarcity, which he calls existential with a capital E., Leffler says, Were in the midst of another historic drought. But BOE officials say hand recounts are legally necessary in two City Council primariesthe Democratic race in Council District 9 and the Republican contest in 50th . I have a head start on understanding the needs and the concerns of the district. I am running for City Council because I am that leader with the holistic view. The bipartisan sponsorship of this proposed legislation is a great opportunity to help communities across the state deal with a problem that is plaguing our cities. What are the biggest challenges facing the district and how will you solve them? I want to serve as alderman because our district needs strong leadership to deal with the plethora of important issues we face. We also need to consider community policing and placing sub-stations in areas of high crime. I found many of their methods will be an asset for our district. Win or lose in November, all three candidates therefore plan to run again though they each told the Times-Union they did not plan on losing. Both of my sons learned to swim at the indoor swimming pool and I take my grandson to the tot lot to play whenever weather permits. I will always Measure what is working and what is not, make the necessary Adjustments when helping to tackle crime, and always make sure to Create opportunities to hear from District 9 residents on issues that matter to them. I want to represent the community. A bipartisan group of state lawmakers is proposing legislation called the 'Safe Roads Save Lives Act' that will allow for the installation of automated speed cameras to deter reckless driving. All of city government is on the ballot this year, with most of the seats "open" due to term limits while some incumbents seek reelection. I also have an array of work experiences from large companies to small businesses. Everyones voice needs to be considered and valued in order to move forward. Copyright 2023 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. I will introduce policy to reverse the unfavorable trends in Harlem such as a lack of libraries and certified media specialists in our schools, reward small businesses for hiring within the community, and create housing policy that works for our neighborhood. Education- We must build community awareness through teaching, training, monitoring, and influencing road behavioral change. I saw an actual example of its use in the City of Glendale, where the technology worked well. Our first choice, Tricia Shimamura, is a social worker and longtime advocate who will fight to maintain the rent-regulated status of many tenants in her district. Safety is a top priority in Milwaukee and we must remember, police and firefighters put their lives on the line every day for us. As a Council Member I would introduce bold progressive policy to implement a comprehensive and community driven approach to rezoning, permanent income based housing, develop affordable homeownership opportunities, and restore and protect NYCHA from privatization. Czajkowski is a real estate agent who ran. Yes. The difference between Council members who are effective and those who are not is the ability to lean in and bring visibility to issues. A runoff election for districts 2, 4, 7, 11, 13, and 14 was held on June 5, 2021. Darrell Watson, one of three Denver District 9 City Council candidates, takes his seat at the table ahead of the debate Tuesday. Ensuring that road construction includes these roundabouts in designated areas, which are proven to slow traffic patterns along with reducing the cost to residents to make speed bumps more affordable will go a long way in combating reckless driving. I currently serve Harlem on Manhattan Community Board 10 as Treasurer and Chair of the District Needs Task Force, and as Co Chair of Economic Development for the NAACP Mid Manhattan Branch. However, I understand it will take all of us to create a healthy, safe, and unified community. While Leffler champions the familiar causes of affordability, transit expansion and land use code reform, hes also a progressive and a pragmatist who feels he can walk the tightrope of getting things done while upholding the citys progressive values. They have the best barbecue in Milwaukee; ribs, rip tips, steaks, turkey legs, chicken, sausage, brats. youth detention center). Photo courtesy of the Joah Spearman Campaign. I know that it takes tenacity and internal fortitude to seek justice for those communities, like mine that have systematically and purposely been ignored and underfunded. For over 20 years, I have been a racial equity teacher in the Bronx. Additionally, we must use a multi-pronged approach to end reckless driving within our city. District 9 incumbent Councilmember Candi CdeBaca faces challenges from Kwon Atlas and Darrell Watson. I have built very strong relationships with community members through helping to run two homeless shelters overnight in Harlem and Queens, putting a Harlem State Senate scamming the public in jail, bringing home 800 Americans marooned in Ghana, and providing our community with remote learning devices, masks, vaccination advocacy and holiday gifts during the pandemic. Aside from reckless driving, we must work to reduce aggravated assault, burglary, rape, robbery, theft, motor vehicle theft, non-fatal shootings, and carjackings by a minimum of 50% by the end of 2023. As children, my dad signed my brother and me up for this program, and I'm grateful he did. For example, it is my understanding that Milwaukee leaders are reconsidering the laws that determine bail setting. I would look for technology solutions. We must also commit to aggressive community-based Road Safety advertising campaigns. I am a proud 23-year resident of the 9th Aldermanic District. More: Candidates talk priorities, motivations ahead of Jacksonville City Council special elections. But well get there. Working to build a renewed sense of community that encompasses the diverse and vibrant residents of the 9th Aldermanic District is my passion. and makes land use decisions as well as . I live right across the street from the lively St. Nicholas Park. Improving the surface and underlying infrastructure along. One policy that I would like to put in place is to ensure that the common council cannot vote on items that impact a district when an alderman is vacant or absent. If no candidate reaches the necessary amount, the two candidates with the highest number of votes will participate in a run-off election Nov. 8. The committee has reviewed policies and procedures to prevent environmental threats, reform bulk-and-brush trash pickup . All three candidates for Denver City Council District 9's position are seated at the debate table Tuesday at the CSU Spur Campus Hydro Building. What makes him the best candidate? One consequence of that competition: It can be difficult for voters to differentiate the candidates, their policies and how they intend to represent the district. Smith is an entrepreneur and vice president of development at Grayhawk Insurance & Risk Management, where he specializes in commercial insurance and golf industries. I will leverage federal and state efforts to provide economic relief to NYC to make certain that Harlem is at the forefront of communities receiving economic aid, not only because of COVID-19, but because of the systemic issues of poverty, crime and injustices the Harlem community suffered from before the pandemic existed. "To be a rubber stamp is not what I signed up to do. A Tuesday debate, hosted by the GES Gazette and the Greater Park Hill News, took place in the new Colorado State University Hydro building and was generally cordial. There is not a single solution for any of these problems. I am the voice that will lead District 9 into a prosperous and productive future. Current profession: Support facilitator at a Duval County public middle school, Other experience: Vice Chair of the Northwest Citizen Planning Advisory Committee, Vice Chair of the North Florida Transportation Planning Organizations Citizen Advisory Committee. As alderwoman, I will prioritize infrastructure and policy that has a real and meaningful impact. There are two area that I would like to accomplish in 2023. I will remain a very humble man of God. We are being considered for and are moving through the screening process with several labor unions. The biggest challenges are, and have been for a long time, policing, housing, the economy, youth development, senior care, and overall health and wellness. I am a father, husband, son, educator, public safety professional, historic preservationist, disability rights advocate, community activist. 3. I am also a proud member of Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority where I gained a deeper appreciation for the power of a united community. I will use the office as a vehicle to make material improvements to the everyday lives of our families, and secure District-specific commitments from outside investment. He proudly represents the neighborhoods of Downtown, Rainey St., Old West Austin, West Campus, Hyde Park, Travis Heights, Bouldin Creek, Mueller, Cherrywood, and more. And were honored you look to us for serious, in-depth news. Instead of providing written answers to our questions, Alpheaus Marcus responded by directing us to his campaign video on YouTube. We need to elect leaders who work well with others, that value input from residents and business owners and can bridge the divides in order to unlock our enormous potential. If elected, do you see any opportunities to help local leaders better collaborate with state leaders in Madison? Milwaukee's success will be directly tied to the partnerships we create between state, county, and city governments. ABOUT THE CITY COUNCIL. District 9 is home to several flood-prone areas, including Shoal Creek, which has repeatedly flooded North Lamar during heavy rains. "When I send a mailer I will have my name, my face and what I believe in.". Right now our community is dealing with a lot of mistrust. City Council District 9 (current: Bill Perkins) William Allen Cordell Cleare Joshua Clennon Billy Council Pierre . Like many who have come before me, I have been involved in the betterment of Harlem for the last 25 years. My career in service began with Milwaukee Innercity Congregations Allied for Hope, (MICAH). I have stayed politically engaged for quite a while, and I know, based on the data, what the right policies are to Build a Better Harlem. A single candidate would have to win 51 percent of the vote outright to claim the open seat in August. 202 C Street, 10th Floor. For the next two months, 27 candidates will campaign in contested races to earn a spot on council. District 9 Council Member Zohaib "Zo" Qadri was elected to represent District 9 in 2022. Now will you take the powerful next step and support our nonprofit news organization? I am proud to say that Ive taken that step many years ago and will continue to do so, when elected. The community was robbed of a community pillar in Dr. Twari.

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